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Mar 11, 2013 2:00am PDT
girlfriend, two to brad and another to a boy named denny ross. >> denny ross. does it mean anything to anybody? >> it doesn't mean anything to me. >> the detectives learn that this denny ross lived in a three-bedroom apartment next to a porn shop. they drove over and knocked on the door. >> denny ross answers the door. sees got a phone in his hand, and i say, hey, you know, detective hughes, i'd like to talk to you about this, and he says, well, i've got my attorney on the phone. >> an attorney? >> yes. i said, wow, that's a little different. >> coming up, there was an even more surprising admission from denny ross still to come about a visit from hannah the very night she died. >> she and i had a conversation, and one thing led to another. >> but did that lead >>> investigators looking into the murder of hannah hill had followed her phone logs to the doorstep of 20-year-old denny ross. denny, it turned out, was a friend of hannah's boyfriend brad oborn. the kids knew him as a funhouse and a crash pad. >> were you surprised hannah was hanging with that crowd? >> no. i mean, we hung out
Mar 24, 2013 7:00pm PDT
$299 a month for well-qualified lessees. ♪ $4 doesn't really buy you unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®. >>> in the hours after the murder of armored car courier keith palomares detectives and forensic experts were trying to piece together just what happened. they had only the vaguest description of their suspect, a white or hispanic male of average build and average height on a mountain bike. >> we were covering hundreds of tips about a guy on a bicycle in the ahwatukee area. >> reporter: fbi agent lance licing was working the case with phoenix homicide detective paul dalton. their crime scene was a mess, strewn with blood, fragments of six high-velocity bullets, and broken glass from a ticket counter window shattered by the only round that missed keith palomares. >> the body was right here. >> right. >> did he even see it coming? >> i don't think so. we could guess. his gun was in his holster. >> he never got it out. >> never got it out. >> the witnesses out here didn't hear a single demand for money.
Mar 3, 2013 8:00pm PST
celebrity apprentice. announcer: nba hall of famer and bad boy dennis rodman. actress, host, and author lisa rinna. rock star and previous winner of "the celebrity apprentice," bret michaels. bret: i'm the only winner here. i have a target this big on my back. announcer: model and television host claudia jordan. master illusionist and vegas superstar penn jillette. country star and "celebrity apprentice" runner-up trace adkins. trace: i didn't come up here to just dick around. i came up here to win. so i expect it to be a war of attrition. announcer: playmate of the year brande roderick. deejay, artist, rap star, and entrepreneur lil jon. "the apprentice" original all-star, omarosa. omarosa: here i am yet again to complete some unfinished business. announcer: actor, author, and entrepreneur stephen baldwin. rock star and twisted sister front man dee snider. star of "taxi" and best-selling author marilu henner. academy award-nominated actor gary busey. gary: everyone that i see carries a rainbow around their shoulder. announcer: and entertainment icon la toya jackson.
Mar 17, 2013 7:00pm PDT
manipulate herself through the game and soar to the top. dennis: that right there was like an oscar winner right there. announcer: back in the boardroom, dee snider fell on his sword. so, as the person who ultimately made the decision to use that concept, i feel that i am the marked man. dee, you're fired. [ mid-tempo music plays ] penn: congratulations. omarosa: oh. lisa: you just had me in tears. marilu: that was nice. michael's looking out for you, baby. that was just too much, that moment. [ sighs ] claudia: when she was crying, there was no tears coming out. la toya: that's -- i was trying to look around her to see that. that's why i was going like that. lisa: cheers. omarosa: to michael. both: to michael. oh. she recovers quickly. omarosa might be the best actress here. we all saw her performance in the boardroom. i've never seen tearless cry scenes.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4